Separatore Orizzontale 1 Puntini

 Separatore Orizzontale 1 Trasp

The interiors

Once inside it’s immediately visible the generous size of the environment and its “recrerational” attitude. Starting with the central salon, furnished with a bar and a very large sofa, a dining rea and a peculiar submarine observatory: a glass platform integrated and coplanar with the floor and overlooking the central tunnel, giving a suggestive vision of the sea depth and its inhabitants, more and more emphasized during night time and with the aid of specifically designed underwater spotlights.

From the salon to the lower deck, the potentiality of the catamaran are fully used in terms of space, with two spacious vip cabins with private bathroom. There’s also the galley and a “children room” with foldaway berths and a super sofa, giving them a real and generous playground.

The pilot area, with another comfortable sofa, gives access to the master cabin, equipped with the glass floor under the bed, that seams to be floating onto the illuminated sea. There’s also a big wardrobe, vanity desks and a even bigger private bathroom with double basin, shower, whirlpool bath and separate wc room.

The character, the desires and the vision of the owner are fully expressed in the final product, indeed the whole boat, despite of its generous dimensions, is discreet and gentle, recreational and respectful of the natural environment.

The colors are respectful and gentle too: bronze, metallic champagne and moka, borrowed from the cliffs, from the bays and Mediterranean creeks (it’s not new, for Christian Grande, to conceive his boats paying homage to the most beautiful marine spots). The surfaces are soft and curvy, and all of them are quotations of the relation with the marine habitat.

The natural and animal elements are evocated and celebrated, for example, by the deck floor, fully covered with teak planks, with the color of sand and curved and bended like desert dunes, especially in the cockpit area, like they were really shaped by wind and water.

Another homage to nature is represented by the bow, shaped around the central tunnel in a peculiar imitation of the devil ray mouth.

Everything is treated to be gentle both in the forms and in the materials, including the choice of pastel colours and continuous glass, this last one used to slighting the profile of the deckhouse, and terminating with two vertical gardens on both sides of the external living area, one of them offering a relaxing hammock, another clear symptom of the slow-life and slow-mind concept behind the whole project.

A stern terrace with glass bounds and smooth sofas and cushions creates a real overlook on the sea, and it’s repeating itself on the fly bridge level, with a lounge area and sunbathing mattresses on the forward balcony.

The vocation for outdoor life, as well as the desired link with the elements, is even more accentuated when we look at the interiors, where we can find several relax and contemplative spaces, intended to communicate the owner’s love for cinema, literature and contemplation.

A big and continuous glass door, without visible frame elements, can becoma a mirror or a projection screen.

Even onto the fly bridge the usability and contemplative vocation is real, thanks to the bar area, with counter and stools, and to the big sofa. The equipment includes, of course, a wide pilot seat and a electric propelled tender with dedicated crane. 

The flexibility and versatility of usage are also guaranteed by the physical characteristics of the boat: large, with high bulwarks, and the possibility to mount a tension able canvas to protect the host form sun or mist.

The dream boat is equipped with a hybrid propulsor to have a lesser impact on the environment and to allow the hosts to enjoy in silence the beauties of the sea sounds.

Separatore Orizzontale 1 Puntini

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Separatore Orizzontale 1 Puntini

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 Separatore Orizzontale 1 Trasp
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